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Dust Extraction Vacuum Wet or Dry

SKU: CS 1500 K
CS 1500 Collect concrete dust, concrete slurry, job site debris and more Can be used with or without poly plastic, paper or paper filter bags More details...
Price: $872.00
Dust Extraction Vacuum Wet or Dry
Product Details

CS Unitec's CS 1500 wet/dry dust extraction vacuum provides a clean, dust-free environment. The "Power Take Off" outlet activates the vacuum ON/OFF from the power tool switch. The Electromagnetic Pulse Filter Cleaning System automatically cleans the filters to maximize air flow, dust collection and suction power. The CS 1500 has a large tank capacity of 13 gallons.

Includes automatic shutoff for water.

The versatile CS 1500 works in 4 ways:

  • Without filter bag dust goes directly into tank
  • With plastic filter bag for concrete and masonry dust
  • With paper filter bag for normal dust and soot
  • With slurry filter bag to capture concrete slurry from
    wet drilling, sawing and grinding
CS 1500 Dust Extraction System
Wet or dry, 13 gal. capacity with three 10-gallon plastic filter bags and guide handle
CS 1500 includes accessories for one tool
CS 1500 K includes accessories for two tools
11 Amps / 120V
Max. Tool Rating
15 Amps
Air Flow
130 CFM
Water Lift
98 in.
Filter Area
9.25 sq. ft.
Canister Capacity
13 gallons
31 lbs.

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