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Husqvarna AA Series Mechanical Vibrators - Gasoline Drive Unit

Husqvarna AA Series Mechanical Vibrators - Gasoline Drive Unit

AMG 3200 is a petrol-powered drive unit for Husqvarna AA and AZ mechanical concrete vibrators. The fuel-efficient, rubber-mounted Honda GX 160 petrol engine delivers reliable power all workday long in all conditions, and is easy to service if needed. A sturdy coupling with quick release allows for problem-free power transmission to the flexible shaft.

  • Motor/engine model
    Honda GX160 UT1 SXS4 SD, 4-strokes
  • Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacture)
    4.8 hp
  • Power output
    5.5 hp
  • Weight
    33.06 lbs
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Engine Model Honda GX160 UT1 SX4-SD 4 stroke
Engine Speed, rpm 3000
power at 3000 rpm, hp 4.8
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.82
Total Weight lbs. 33.06
oil " alert" yes
Sound Power lpa dB (a) 75.7