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Husqvarna BV 30 Walk Behind Screed

Husqvarna BV 30 Walk Behind Screed

BV 30 is a versatile, petrol-driven walk-behind concrete power screed designed to deliver a high-quality slab. It is equipped with a twin de-vibrated and foldable handle, which can be adjusted for comfort and manoeuvrability. Interchangeable blades allow for five different working widths, while the non-corrosive chromed steel handle provides maximum strength and superior finish.

Screed Blades Not Included 

Availible Sizes  6' 8' 10' 12' 14'

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Working Width Ft See Screed Blade Lengths
Operating Weight 30
Engine Type Honda GX35 OHC 4 Stroke
Power at 7000 rpm HP 1.6
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.17
Transmission Centrigugal Clutch
Speed RPM 2000 - 7400
Max Bullfloat pitch
Centrifugal force Lbf 777
 acceleration m/s2 3.25
Sound power Lpa dB (A) 108