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CoreCut CC1100XL Joint Cutting Mini Saw 14"

CoreCut CC1100XL Joint Cutting Mini Saw 14

14" Blade Capacity Honda  11.7 HP GX 390 Engine


  • Honda GX390 - Down Cut
  • Honda GX390- Up Cut

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy duty adjustable operator handles
  • Easy to maneuver push drive
  • Upcut or downcut available
  • 1” arbor Size with drive pin
  • Compact Size for easy transporting
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Weight 185 lbs
Dimensions N/a


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Maximum depth of cut with 14" blade: 4-5/8”
Blade shaft RPM: 2,650
Blade shaft diameter: 1”
Arbor Size: 1"
Front Wheels: 3” x 2” x 3/4”
Rear Wheels: 8” x 2” x 3/4”