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Husqvarna FS 3500G 20" - 30"

Husqvarna FS 3500G 20 - 30

FS 3500 G is a self-propelled floor saw ideal for small to medium patch and service jobs. Equipped with a 37 hp (27.5 kW) Kohler gasoline engine. It is lightweight, low profiled, easy to maneuver and service. The Poly-V belt together with a self-adjusting belt tensioner ensures stable power levels at the blade shaft. Cutting depth capacity up to 12-3/8" (311 mm) with a 30" (750 mm) diamond blade. Comes standard with adjustable handle bars, engine tachometer and hour meter. Water pump kit and light kit available as options.

Cutting depth, max: 12.5 in (30" BG) 10.5 in (26" BG) 7.8 in (20" BG)
Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacture) Kohler CH1000 37 HP
Available with 20" , 26", & 30" Blade Guards

Blade Guard Size 20" Blade Guard
Blade Guard Size
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Weight 1000 lbs
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Clam cleat pointer rope holder- Reduces pointer rope damage and holds front pointer at a set height.

Automatic belt tensioner and Poly-V belt -Offers no maintenance, lower cost of ownership, consistent power and increased production.

Classic and intuitive control panel - includes engine tachometer and water safety system.