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Husqvarna MS 360 G

Husqvarna MS 360 G

The MS 360 G is a gasoline masonry saw for outdoor or well-ventilated areas. MS 360 G has an exceptional cutting depth up to 5'' deep for a standard 14'' blade and cuts materials up to 15'' in length. The sturdy and rigid design makes it suitable for large jobs cutting block, brick or pavers. The MS 360 G switches easily between plunge and miter cutting which makes is fast and versatile on the job site. The water containment system facilitates clean work area.
Cutting depth, max 5 in
Blade diameter, max 14 in
Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacture) 4.8 HP

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Weight 234 lbs
Dimensions N/a


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Low vibrations -Plunge handle ensures low vibrations for the operator.

Easy to transport - It's quick and easy to set-up and disassemble. The integrated telescoptic handles facilitates easy movement.

Precise cutting - Sta-level® blade guard keeps the blade guard parallel to the cutting table for accurate cuts. The spring-assisted head enables easy plunge cutting.

Clean work area- The water containment system keeps the slurry in the cart trench and the double water spray splash guard facilitates a clean work area.