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Masonry Blades

# 990 Swirl Core Brick Cutting Blades 4" - 14"

# 990 Swirl Core Brick Cutting Blades 4 - 14

Our 990 blade is a Continuous Rim Turbo blade  that can be run wet or dry. Available starting at 4" for your Angle Grinder up to 14" for Brick Saws etc. Excellent for cutting  Hard Brick, Granite, Bluestone and Quartzite

Size 4 X.085 X 7/8 - 20mm - 5/8
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Our 990SB Series Brick Cutting Blades are a swirl style core with a turbo style diamond rim that is designed to cut harder materials such as bluestone, granite, clay pavers and dense brick. With the swirl and turbo design it will provide a fast clean cut.