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Husqvarna FS 520- 24 Series Walk-Behind Saws

Husqvarna FS 520- 24 Series Walk-Behind Saws

FS 500 Series of self-propelled floor saws, with  Honda GX630  21 HP  with your choice of 20" or 24" Blade Guards. The floor saws are developed with a clear focus on ergonomics and user friendliness, featuring many innovative solutions that make your job easier. Their unique transmission makes them ideal for more demanding jobs, despite their compact size.

Blade Size FS520- 20"
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Weight 580 lbs
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Self Propelled group of saws perfect for cutting sidewalks and other small repair or service work. Models FS 520-FS 524

  • Patented engine and bladeshaft mounting system reduces vibration
  • Patented IntelliSeal bladeshaft systems allows for minimum of 250 maintenance-free hours and daily greasing of bearings
  • Dual spring assist raise/lower blade can be mounted on left or right side when necessary
  • Belt tensioning system does not require frequent adjustment
  • New locking differential drive system increases blade performance when cutting uneven surfaces