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Husqvarna VARI-GRIND G 600 Series 3 Pack

Husqvarna  VARI-GRIND G 600 Series 3 Pack

The Vari-Grind series is available in a number of bond hardness, for use on materials ranging from porous ceramic glues and soft and rain-damaged concrete to very hard concrete. These surface preparation tools are designed for use on Husqvarna’s PG model series. Segment shapes include hexagonal and round. With Redi Lock® you don’t need any equipment to change the diamond tools. Grit sizes from 20 to 100.As part of the Silver category, the Vari-Grind series has been developed for professional use in all-round applications. Products from the Silver category provide high cutting speed and wear resistance in all grinding. excellent for all husqvarna grinders under model PG820
Choose From :
Single Segment ( aggressive but shorter life)
Double Segment (decreases pressure on each segment and leads to smoother scratch pattern)Choose Grit (20,30,50,100) and Bond (Soft,Medium,Hard)

20 & 30 Grit have Hexagonal Segments / 50 & 100 Grit have Round Segments

Choose Single /Double Single
Choose Grit/Shape/Bond/Color 20 GR/Hex/Soft/Green
Choose Single /Double
Choose Grit/Shape/Bond/Color
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