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Holey-Moley™ Post Hole Digger

Holey-Moley™ Post Hole Digger

Hole Digger with Bi-Metallic Saw Blade
Vacuum Assisted Post

The Vacuum Assisted Holoy-Moley Post Hole Digger comes preassembled ready to use. It operates wth any shop vacuum with a 2-1/2" hose and pulls 140 To 200 CFM. This diger works well in dry soils from loam to hard compact clay. The Bi-metallic saw blade cuts through most soil materais.


  • 4 inch
  • 5 inch
  • 6 inch

Key Features

Shop Vacuum Assisted. Can dig to depths of 20 feet or more. The digger heads completly replaceable.

The Digger is Ideal for:

  • Post Holes
  • Sign Post Holes
  • Shallow Wells
  • Pole Barn Holes
  • Cache Tube Burial
  • Construction Pillings
  • Engineering Soil Samples
  • Landscaping and Post Holes
  • Geo-Thermal Holes

Digger Limitations:

Limitations are extremely hard soil types such as Caliche, Rocks, Large Roots, Construction debris, extremely hard material such as concrete and asphalt and Wet Soils.

Digger Includes

  1. Digger Head w/Universal Adaptor and Vacuum Tube
  2. Upper Vacuum Tube
  3. Handle
  4. Connecting Hardware and Manual


Total shipping weights is 12 lbs. Shipping Box: 9" x 9" x 36"

Sizes 4 inch
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