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Husqvarna BG 479 F QP Power Trowel 48" Cog Pitch

Husqvarna BG 479 F QP Power Trowel 48 Cog Pitch

48" Honda GX 270 4 Stroke Cog Pitch

BG 479 is designed to deal with big challenges. This dynamic, high capacity concrete trowel is powered by a reliable Honda engine and is equipped with a QUICKSTOP clutch for safety. BG 479 comes equipped with a foldable-, de-vibrated- and height adjustable handle and a maintenance stand for increased uptime.

  • Quick Stop immediatly halts the trowel when you let go of the handle
  • Vibratory - reduced Height adjustable handles are equipped with ergonomically assembled controls and smooth clutch engagement
  • A maintenance stand facilitates service blade changing and cleaning
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Engine Type Honda GX 270 4 stroke
power at 3600 RPM (HP) 8.4 (6.3)
Blade Speed, rpm 40-115
Handle Folding / Adjustable/Devibrated
Belt Clutch / Quick Stop Yes
Type of blade angle adjustment Cog Pitch
type of blade arms Bolt-on
number of blades 4
optional transport wheels yes
Maintenance Stand yes
lifting eye yes
fuel tank capacity, qts 1.5
operating weight 229 Lbs
trowel blade coverage 44.9
protection ring diameter 47.2
weighted effective acceleration m / s2 3.5
sound power Lpa B (A) 92