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Multiquip PX400 Submersible Trash Pump 2"

Multiquip  PX400  Submersible Trash Pump 2

This lightweight, compact submersible trash pump is ideal for moving water with debris (Maximum size - 1” solids). Additionally, with its abrasion resistant resin impeller, and corrosion resistant stainless steel construction, this pump tackles marine and certain chemical applications. Further, the PX400 incorporates internal thermal overload protection, dual shaft seals, sealed ball bearings impeller and molded 19’ Power Cable with strain relief.

.5HP, 115V/6.2A, 1Ø, Electric Motor.
Built-in Overload Protection.
2” (NPT) Female Discharge w/Barb Hose Adapter and hose clamp.
Total Head: 34 ft.
MAX Capacity: 72 GPM.
Pumps Liquid Up To 120° F.
304 Stainless Steel Pump Housing Body
Dewaters Flat Surfaces Up To 1.5” Levels.

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Unit Specifications
Impeller Type Urethane Resin
Impeller Disc Size 2 in 51 mm
Total Head 34 ft 10.3 m
Water Capacity 72 gpm 273 lpm
Max. Solid Intake 1 in 25 mm
Electrical Specifications
Power 0.5 HP 0.37 kW
Phase Single
Voltage 115 V
Starting Amperage 37 A
Running Amperage 6.2 A
Cable Length 19 ft 5.6 m
Dimensions & Weights
Pump Diameter 10 in 25.4 mm
Overall Height 17 in 432 mm
Operating Weight 25 lb 11 kg