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CS Unitec Pneumatic Vibro-Lo™ Pole Scabbler/Pole Tamper LV LRS55

CS Unitec Pneumatic  Vibro-Lo™ Pole Scabbler/Pole Tamper LV LRS55


CS Unitec's VL LRS55 line of low-vibration pole scabblers and tampers offer high performance and low vibration for greater productivity and improved operator comfort. The scabbler/tampers with 7x less vibration than standard models with vibration range of 3.5 to 4.2 Aeq m/s2. These tools utilize vibration damping components to offset the hammer vibration created when the scabbler heads or tamper feet impact the workpiece. CS Unitec's VL LRS55 uses 1300 blows per minute to quickly remove concrete without damaging the substrate.


  • Heavy scabbling hard to access areas such as below reinforcement bars and between shuttering
  • Scabbling of corners, edges and joints
  • Fast removal of material
  • Aggressive keying without damaging the substrate
  • Tamper feet allow back filling of small areas


  • Integrated Vibro-Lo™ low vibration technology
  • Interchangeable scabbling heads and tamper feet
  • Long handle for extended reach into inaccessible areas
  • Angled air inlet to direct hose away from operator
  • Hand guard to protect user

Choose from 5 Models

Model# Description Weight Vibration Level (Aeq m/s2
150.5320 VL LRS55 with 5-point Scabbler Head 47.5 4.2
150.5321 VL LRS55 with 9-point Scabbler Head 47.5 4.2
150.5330 VL LRS55 with 5" Round Tamper Foot 47.5 3.5
150.5331 VL LRS55 with 4" x 4"  Tamper Foot 47.5 3.5
150.5335 VL LRS55 with 6" x 5"  Tamper Foot 47.5 3.5
Choose Model 4" x 4" compactor head
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Weight 47.5 lbs
Dimensions N/a


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Length – 50"
Blows per minute – 1300
Air consumption – 25 CFM @ 90 PSI
Production rate – 130 sq. ft./hour
Cutter life – 12,000 sq. ft.