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Compaction Equipment 

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CS Unitec Scabbler Accessories for LPS55 & LV LRS55

CS Unitec Scabbler Accessories for LPS55 & LV LRS55

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Part # Description
441.5359 5 Point Head(inc fit pin)
441.5369 9 Point Head  (inc fit pin)
441.5360 Crucifer Scabbler Head (inc fit pin)
450.5017 5" diameter compactor head
450.5011 4" x 4" compactor head
450.5013 6" x 5" compactor head
450.5016 4" x 8" compactor head
815.5550 Whip Check
859.1580 3/4 BSP Inline Lubricator
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Weight 1 lbs
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