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Husqvarna Power Pack PP 325 E

Husqvarna Power Pack PP 325 E

PP 325 E is an efficient and versatile electrical power pack for hydraulic products like our DM 406 H drill motor, K 3600 MK II and K 2500 power cutters. Suitable for surroundings where access to maintenance is limited.

Easy and smooth starts-SoftStart™ provides easy startup, even at low temperatures when the oil is thick.
Easy transportation and positioning- Mounted on a heavy-duty single axle trolley.
Water-cooled heat exchanger-For low operating fluid temperature.

Hydraulic oil flow 8.8 gal/min
Hydraulic pressure, max: 9.65 psi
Rated current: 16 A

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  • The power packs are wheel mounted and can be laid down on its handles, which makes them easy to move and transport.
  • The power pack is ideal for running the Husqvarna DM 406, and Husqvarna K 3600 and K 2500 cutters.
  • The PP 325 E is simple to operate by one person and is easy to transport.