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MaxCut MX3 Chains 12" - 25"

MaxCut MX3 Chains 12 - 25

MaxCut MX3  diamond concrete chain is comparable to the ICS Force4 chains. Available in 12"-25" and made to fit ICS 630F4,695F4,880F4,890F4 and 701A chain saws. Also fits Husqvarna K6500 and RGC C100 chain saws.

Chain Sizes 15" CONCRETE - SPEED
Saw Model C100
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Weight 2.5 lbs
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  • Efficiently cuts concrete, brick, decorative stone
  • Revolutionary Crown shaped segments designed to expose the diamonds for faster initial cutting
  • Segments on every link for lower vibration and smooth cutting
  • Patented debris protection
  • Automated laser welding process to ensure consistent quality
  • Bumper protection
  • Available in two pitches for compatibility with existing equipment
  • MX3 (0.456" Pitch)
  • Compare to ICS Force4