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Husqvarna K970 Chain Saw

Husqvarna K970 Chain Saw

The gas power cutter Husqvarna K 970 Chain has a unique cutting depth, allowing you to cut  15" from one side. It can also make openings as small as 4" x 4", which makes it perfect for irregularly shaped openings. Ideal for cutting minor adjustments to window and door openings, when you don't want to over-cut the corner. Does not include Bar and Chain

Sturdy and reliable

Less sensitive to outdoor conditions and fuel variations, thanks to the cylinder design and muffler with integrated heat deflector.

Irregular deep cutting perfect for small openings

Possible to make openings as small as 4" x 4"

Easy to start

The unique design of the carburetor, cylinder and digital ignition system, together with air purge and decompression valve, ensure an easy start.

Easy tension of chain

We have developed a special series of diamond chains for the K 970 Chain. They’re available in a variety of hardnesses, for different types of cutting jobs, and are designed for high-power, tough operation. Fitting the saw bar and chain is very easy, and the chain is tensioned without any tools.
Model Size 14" Applications
PXC45 Size 14" G/P, Granite, Hard Brick
SLC45 Size 14" Lighly reinforced concrete,concrete pipe, other precast concrete
ELC45 Size 14" Lighly reinforced concrete,concrete pipe, other precast concrete
ELC70 Size 14" Concrete block, green concrete, limestone, sandstone

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Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions N/a


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Blade, in (mm) n/a
Cutting depth, in (mm) 15 (380)
Power, hp (kw) 6.5 (4.8)
Displacement. cu in (cc) 5.71 (93.6)
Power/weight ratio, hp/lbs (kw/kg) .30 (.48)
Weight, without fuel and cutting eqiupment. Lbs (kg)  21.4 (9.7)
Fuel capacity. qt (I) 1.1 (1)
Air-cooled 2-stroke engine Yes
Active air filtration Yes
X-torq Yes
Smartcarb Yes
Durastarter Yes
Easystart Yes
Reversible Cutting arm Yes
Fuel indicator in tank Yes
Easy-adjust blade guard Yes
Wet Kit Yes
Replaceable arbor bushing n/a
Sound power level lwa, db(a) 116
Sound power level, db(a) 103
Vibrations front handle equivalent, m/s² 3.6
Vibrations rear handle equivalent, m/s₂² 2.3
Bar, in (mm) 14 (350)