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ICS 680ES-GC & PG Gas Power Cutters & Accessories

Force 3 Brick Chains 12" & 14"

Force 3 Brick Chains 12 & 14

All Force3 Diamond Chains contain patented SealPRO® anti-stretch technology which reduces wear and extends chain life by sealing out the abrasive slurry that leads to chain stretch. Designed to be used with the full line of ICS gas power cutters, these chains offer the ultimate combination of both versatility and affordability. Available in three configurations to match your specific application and cutting challenges.

Force3® Brick
Optimized for abrasive materials, this chain has larger diamond segments for longer life. It is the best chain for cutting brick, block or abrasive stone.

  • 12" - $575.00 MSRP
  • 14" - $630.00 MSRP
Chain Sizes 12"/30cm/58 Drive links - Brick
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Weight 2 lbs
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