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Force4 Chains for ICS 695XL-F4 & 633F4

Force4 Chains for ICS 695XL-F4 & 633F4

From the company that revolutionized concrete chain saws comes a revolution in diamond chains: FORCE4®Series. Designed to be used only with the FORCE4 system, it is the strongest, longest lasting diamond chain ever made. Available in five configurations to meet most concrete cutting challenges.  Fits ICS 695XL-F4 & 633F4 (Discontinued)

  • Standard
  • Premium L (Life)
  • Premium S (Speed)
  • Abrasive (Brick)
  • Wide Kerf (.375 segments)
  • PowerGrit
Chain Sizes 12" /30cm PowerGrit
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Weight 2 lbs
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  • Available 12", 16"
  • Force4 Standard
  • Force4 Premium L (Life)
  • Proforce Premium S (Speed)
  • Force4 Abrasive (Brick)
  • Wide Kerf (.375)
  • PowerGrit