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Diamond Core Drill Bits

# LW Pro Series Laser Welded Core Bits- Concrete 1/2" - 16" Diameter 14" Tube Length

# LW Pro Series Laser Welded Core Bits- Concrete 1/2 - 16 Diameter 14 Tube Length

Our newest barrel design for core bits has revolutionized the coring industry! Not only does the top of the core barrel unscrew for fast and safe removal of core samples, ( 4-1/4' & 6-1/4"), but we have barrel extensions  for 4-1/4" & 6 -1/2"  diameters to allow deeper drilling: up to 6 feet without removing the bit from the hole.

Size 1/2"x 5/8-11 Threaded- Solid Top
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The labor savings on set up and drilling time will pay for these core bits within the first couple holes drilled. No need to buy extra-long bits; just buy an extension and use the same bit for both shallow and deep drilling. No more hammering the core barrel to remove the core sample: simply unscrew the top, turn the barrel upside down and the core will slide out! Get the best of both worlds, open and closed end bit in one revolutionary design. The uni-top bits have double laser welded segments to assure no segment loss while drilling pre-stressed concrete, heavy rebar applications or extra deep drilling. We utilize only the best diamond for long life and the fastest drilling possible!