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CS Unitec- EBM 352/3 Core Drill Motor - Kits

CS Unitec- EBM 352/3 Core Drill Motor - Kits

The EBM 352/3 (20 Amp 3-speed motor when combined with an anchor/vacuum stand) drills holes up to 14" diameter in concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt and natural stone. The motor can also be mounted on a variety of drill rigs. No other Diamond Core Drill Rig in this class is so light and portable, weighing only 77 lbs. The drill stand has two 5" wheels for easy portability.
High torque, easy operation and solid, sturdy construction make this motor ideal for construction applications

3-speed gearbox with oil bath lubrication
Holes up to 14" diameter
Mechanical Slip Clutch Design
Load Speeds: 230/500/1030 RPM
Dovetail slide plate for quick mounting to our drill stands (BST 300 and BST 300 V)
20 Amps., Weight: 28 lbs. (motor only)
1. Drill Motor Only
2. Drill Motor and Anchor Stand
3. Drill Motor, Vacuum Anchor Stand & Vacuum Pump

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Weight 32 lbs
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  • Powerful 20 Amp motor with high power reserves and a long lifetime
  • 3-speed oil bath gearbox – for optimal lubrication in all working positions, due to the developed oil pump
  • Mechanical safety clutch
  • Dovetail slide mount– fasten the motor to the drill rig without any tools. Also mounts to a variety of drill stands.
  • Integrated bubble levels on the motor 
  • Temperature control and over current cut-off, optical overload indication, constant speed
  • Service-LED – lights up approx. 10 working hours before the carbon brushes need to be replaced