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Diamond Products - Core Cut Saws 

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Core Cut CC6561GK Large Gas Saw 14" - 42"

Core Cut CC6561GK Large Gas Saw 14 - 42

Kubota WG2503 61HP Engine. Available Single Speed or Three Speed

Features & Benefits:

  • Liquid-cooled Kubota® gasoline WG2503, spark ignited industrial 61HP engine that is fully complaint with EPA regulations
  • Self-propelled Eaton Model 10 transmission
  • Fits through a 36” door frame
  • Strongest frame on the market
  • 4 stage air filter system
  • Developed on an industrial diesel engine platform
  • Very low noise and vibration
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Modern computer engine controls (same as the CC6571D).
  • 3-way catalytic muffler that meets the latest EPA & CARB emission requirements
  • Specifications similar to CC6549D, but with more power and less noise, vibration and fumes


  • Single Speed
  • 3 Speed

Choose Blade Guard Size 

14" 20" 26" 30" 36" 42"

Available Options

  • War=ter Safety Switch
  • Water Pump ( Electric ) Spot Light Lowering Speed Metering Valve
  • Blade Spacing Kits
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Choose Blade Guard Size CC6561GK-14"
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Weight 1814 lbs
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Maximum depth of cut with 14” blade:  4-1/2” (3-3/4”-3-speed)
Maximum depth of cut with 20” blade:  7-1/2” (6-3/4”-3-speed)
Maximum depth of cut with 26” blade:  10-1/2” (9-3/4”-3-speed)
Maximum depth of cut with 30” blade:  11-3/4” (11-3/4”-3-speed)
Maximum depth of cut with 36” blade:  14-3/4” (14-3/4”-3-speed)
Maximum depth of cut with 42” blade:  17-3/4” (17-3/4”-3-speed)
Blade shaft diameter:  2”
Arbor Size:  1” with drive pin
Blade shaft drive:  10 belt
Blade mounting:  Right or left
Blade raise & lower:  Electro-hydraulic pump
Transmission:  Eaton model 10
Drive speed:  0-200 feet/minute
Air filter:  4 stage
Fuel capacity:  9 gallons