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CoreCut CC9074DK Deep Cut Saw Kubota 74HP Diesel 36" - 60"

CoreCut CC9074DK Deep Cut Saw Kubota 74HP Diesel 36 - 60

High Performance, Deep Cutting Saw Loaded with User-Friendly Features. 74HP Kubota Turbo Diesel Available with 36" 42" 48" 54" 60" Blade Guard

Features & Benefits:

  • Tier 4 Final Kubota diesel engine
  • Advanced digital 7" display with engine service alerts and maintenance reminders
  • Front view camera to view sawing location and obstructions
  • LED spot and bar lights for night sawing
  • Auto Water System (AWS) automatically starts/stops water to the blade when in and out of the cut
  • Undercarriage slurry flap to minimize slurry buildup on rear axle components
  • Effective weight balance for optimum performance
  • Fast attach blade guard stabilizer with quick disconnect ball joints to speed guard removal
  • East-turn 5th wheel that automatically lifts rear wheels at max raise the height to allow rear saw swivel
  • Enclosed rear wheel motors that are hydraulically driven with center swivel for easy tracking adjustment
  • SImple freewheeling with dash mounted switch activation
  • Robust blade shaft with massive support by 3 pillow black style spherical roller bearings
  • Powerful jackshaft drive with low speed, high torque blade drive maximizing full engine power
  • Advance air cleaner with redial seal primary and secondary filters along with spinner style pre-cleaner
  • Robust radiator core made of heavy-duty aluminum that withstands frequent power washing
  • Sealed electronic protection that resists heat, moisture, shock, and vibration
  • SIngle piece frame platform with heavy bar and tubular reinforcement

Available Options

  • Water Pump (electric)
  • Weight Kit ( 200 lbs)
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Weight 2476 lbs
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Maximum depth of cut with 36” blade: 15" (6" Flange)
Maximum depth of cut with 42” blade: 17-1/2” (7” flange)
Maximum depth of cut with 48” blade: 20” (8” flange)
Maximum depth of cut with 54” blade: 22-1/2" (9" Flange)
Maximum depth of cut with 60” blade: 25” (10” flange)
Engine: Kubota Turbo Diesel
Engine Specs: 4 Cylinder, 3.3 Liter
Max Engine Power: 74.3HP at 2,600 RPM
Peak Torque 195.5 Ft-Lbs (265 Nm) @ 1500 RPM
Arbor size: 1” w/drive pin
Blade Flange Type Quick Disconnect
Blade shaft  1-3/4" )D with Left/Right mounting. 3 pillow blocks with spherical roller bearings
Blade raise & lower: Electro-hydraulic pump
Blade Depth Control Electronic depth indicator and depth stop
Fifth Wheel 3-1/4" x 2' poly tread swivel lock caster
Drive speed: 0-220 FPM 9 2.5mph) forward/reverse
Rear Wheel drive Hydraulic wheel motors with freewheel for pushing
Parking Brake Automatic hydraulic lock at stop position