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Core Cut CC5555GK Rear Pivot Walk Behind Saw Gas 14"-36"

Core Cut CC5555GK Rear Pivot Walk Behind Saw Gas 14-36

Rear Pivot, Three Speed Walk-Behind Saw

57 HP @ 3600 RPM

Features & Benefits:
• Kubota® liquid-cooled gasoline WG1605 LSI engine that is fully complaint with EPA regulations
• Murphy PV480, 4.3” controller display
• Easy to maneuver rear-pivot self-propelled drive
• 4-position handlebar setup (0°, 15°, 30°, 45°)
• 3-Speed gear box standard
• Pull/twist-lock for rear positraction and transmission neutral
• Quick release blade shaft & flange
• Heavy duty crated steel frame base for increased rigidity
• Square tube skeletal upright frame for improved strength
• Removable access panels for easy, access to speed routine maintenance
• Electronic depth display and stop function
• Toggle switch throttle control

Available wiith Your Choice of 5 Blade Guards

Choose Blade Guard Size

14" 20" 26" 30" 36"

Available Options

  • Water Pump ( Electric)
  • Spot Light
  • Shaft Tachometer
  • Blade Spacing Kit
  • Lowering Speed Metering Valve


Choose Blade Guard Size CC5555GK-3-14"
Choose Blade Guard Size
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Weight 1390 lbs
Dimensions N/a


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CC555GK Specifications
Max.Depth of Cut with 14" Blade 3-3/4"
Max. Depth of Cut with 20" Blade 6-3/4"
Max. Depth of Cut with 26" Blade 9-3/4"
Max. Depth of Cut with 30" Blade 11-3/4"
Max. Depth of Cut with 36" Blade 14-3/4"
Arbor Size 1" with single drive pin
Blade Shaft Drive 7 belts
Blade Mounting Right or left
Blade Raise/Lower Electro-hydraulic pump
Fuel Tank 5.5 gallon with digital fuel display
Transmission Eaton Model 7
Drive Speed 0-368 feet per minute

Blade shaft tachometer, hour meter,

Frame Lift, Cutting depth indicator,

Quick disconnect blade flanges,

Telescoping front pointer, GM gel battery,

Removable panels