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Husqvarna FS 5000D 14" - 36"

Husqvarna FS 5000D 14 - 36

The modern FS 5000 D is a powerful diesel walk-behind flat saw with low emissions, developed to be compliant with Tier 4 regulations. Ideal for concrete and asphalt cutting up to 14 3/4" deep. Suitable for mid-sized road work, service work and smaller jobs that require high production rates. It is highly versatile thanks to its high output, compact size and good maneuverability. It is equipped with an intuitive and ergonomic digital control panel with all important functions, and is easy to monitor. Available in single speed or 3 speed gear box (26"-36") with Optional E Tracking (All Sizes ) and Blade Clutch ( single speed models)

  • 3-speed gearbox models enable different blade sizes to run at their optimal performance level without changing pulleys or belts
  • Optional E Track system with integrated reset function in the display making it easier to produce a straight cut
  • Power transmission system transmits more power to the bladeshaft with optimum torque
  • Patented IntelliSeal bladeshaft system allows a minimum of 500 maintenance free hours and eliminates daily greasing of bearings
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Weight 1867 lbs
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COMMON Specs FS 5000 D 
Engine Specifications Yanmar 4TNV88C-DHQ
Maximum power, hp (kW)* 48 (35.5)
Power at bladeshaft, hp (kW) 42 (31)
Arbor size, in (mm) 1 (25), single drive pin
Bladeshaft diameter, in (mm) 2 (51)
Cylinders/cycle 4/4
Fuel capacity, gal (I) 7.8 (29.5)
Air filter Dual Element Radial Seal with rain hood
Starter Electric
Engine cooling Liquid/air
Axle front/rear, in (mm) 1 (25)
Wheels front, in (mm) 6 x 2 (152 x 51)
Wheels rear, in (mm) 10 x 3 (254 x 76)
Blade guard type Slip-on
Number of belts 12
Blade depth control Electrohydraulic pump
Dimensions uncrated, pointer and blade guard up, handles in, in (mm) L x W x H 56 x 33-1/4 x 51 (1,422 x 845 x 1,295)
Displacement, cu in (I) 133 (2.19)
Bore/stroke, in (mm) 3.5/3.55 (88/90)
Oil capacity, qt (I) 7.8 (7.4)
Handlebar adjustment Variable Position
Transmission type Balanced dual motor hydrostatic drive
Transmission speeds, fpm 0-300
Electric tracking (optional)  Electric switch operated
Technical Specifications 14 D
Maximum blade diameter, in (mm) 14 (350)
Maximum depth of cut, in (mm) 4-3/4 (121)
Average bladeshaft, rpm  3,197
Blade flanges, in (mm) 4-½ (114)
Maximum weight crated, lbs (kg) 1,761 (799)
Maximum weight uncrated, lbs (kg) 1,656 (751)
Technical Specifications D 20"
Maximum blade diameter, in (mm) 20 (508)
Maximum depth of cut, in (mm) 7-3/4 (197
Average bladeshaft, rpm  2,400
Blade flanges, in (mm) 4-½ (114)
Maximum weight crated, lbs (kg) 1,772 (804)
Maximum weight uncrated, lbs (kg) 1,667 (756)
Technical Specifications D3 26"
Maximum blade diameter, in (mm) 26 (660)
Maximum depth of cut, in (mm) 10-½ (267)
Average bladeshaft, rpm  3,100/2,180/1,870
Blade range, in (mm) 14/18/26 (350/450/660)
Blade flanges, in (mm) 5 (127)
Maximum weight crated, lbs (kg) 1,821 (826)
Maximum weight uncrated, lbs (kg) 1,711 (776)
Technical Specifications D3 30"
Maximum blade diameter, in (mm) 30 (762)
Maximum depth of cut, in (mm) 12-½ (305)
Average bladeshaft, rpm  2,660/1,800/1,570
Blade range, in (mm) 18/26/30 (450/650/1,762)
Blade flanges, in (mm) 5 (127)
Maximum weight crated, lbs (kg) 1,830 (830)
Maximum weight uncrated, lbs (kg) 1,725 (782)
Technical Specifications D3 36"
Maximum blade diameter, in (mm) 36 (914)
Maximum depth of cut, in (mm) 15 (381)
Average bladeshaft, rpm  2,260/1,580/1,360
Blade range, in (mm) 20/30/36 (500/750/1,914)
Blade flanges, in (mm) 6 (152)
Maximum weight crated, lbs (kg) 1,543 (835)
Maximum weight uncrated, lbs (kg) 1,738 (788)