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RGC Hydrasaw Hydraulic Circular Saw 14"-16" -20" - 24"

RGC Hydrasaw Hydraulic Circular Saw 14-16 -20 - 24

RGC HydraSaws use hydraulic direct drive power to maintain constant cutting
speeds and torque without belts, pulleys, excessive noise or exhaust fumes.
Because HydraSaws operate in a closed hydraulic system they are virtually
maintenance free.
Safely cuts a variety of materials in confined spaces, damp environments and
underwater without risk of fumes or shock. Operate HydraSaws from an RGC
HydraPak or a compatible auxiliary power source with the addition of a Flow Divider.
The TS14 Trench Saw is a compact saw ideal for foundation work and jobs in close
quarters. It features a cutting depth of 5.25 inches, operates at 2000-2500 psi and
5-8 gpm, and provides cutting speeds of up to 4100 rpm.

HYDRASAWS FEATURES & BENEFITS • 14 in., 16 in., 20 in. and 24 in. models available.
• Cut concrete, stone, brick, block, pipe reinforced concrete and steel beams
quickly and cleanly.
• Cutting depths of 5.25 in. to 9.5 in.
• Heavy duty hydraulic motor provides constant cutting speed under load.
• Heavy duty guard and trigger lockout safety feature protect the operator.
• Lightweight, rugged steel tube construction is lighter than gas saws.
• Cuts vertically, horizontally and underwater.
• Dual-function trigger for automatic wet cutting.
• Accepts abrasive or diamond blades.
• Wall Mounted HydraSaw Guide available.
• Use inside or outside with no exhaust pollutants.
• The HydraCart and SawCart are availabe

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