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Rebar Cutters Benders Tiers

Sigma Series Professional Rebar Cutters

Sigma Series Professional Rebar Cutters
  • The SIGMA SERIES professional heavy-duty rebar cutters have a robust steel alloy body casting with hardened gear and clutch systems coupled with an industrial grade motor. The rebar cutter has capacity to cut high tensile grade 60 rebar. They are semi-portable and can be operated with minimum effort. The fly-wheel powered cutting blades are designed so that you can rotate the shearing edge on all eight sides. Currently available is two sizes, the shearing capacity makes these tools true in-shop production machines.

    Model No. DCM-32

    Number of Bars: 1 / 2
    Grade 60: #10 ( 32mm) / #6 (20mm)
    Model No. DCM-40

    Number of Bars: 1 / 2
    Grade 60: #11 (40mm) / #8 (25mm)

    Width 22.05" (560mm) / 22.05" (560mm)
    Length 40.35" (1025mm) / 40.16" (1120mm)
    Height 29.50" (750mm) / 29.50" (750mm)
    Motor 5 hp (3.7 kw) / 7.5 Hp (7.5 kw)
    Frequency 60 Hz / 60 Hz
    Voltage 240/415V 3-phase AC / 240/415V 3-phase AC
    Weight 805 lbs ( 365 Kg) / 1047 lbs (475 Kg)
    Rotation (RPM) 1400 RPM / 1400 RPM

  • MFR: BN Products
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Weight 850 lbs
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