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MaxCut Chains for ICS 633F4 & 695F4 Chain Saws

MaxCut Chains for ICS 633F4 & 695F4 Chain Saws

MaxCut  MX3 Chains for ICS 633F4 & 695F4 chain saws comparable to ICS ProFoce4 Speed and Life Chains. PowerGrit Ductiles

Sizes 12", 16" Use ICS F4 Guidebars 55208, 524490 or MaxCut Guidebars  BMC3D1250, BMC3D1657

Chain Sizes 12" Ductile
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Weight 2 lbs
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  • Efficiently cuts concrete, brick, decorative stone
  • Revolutionary Crown shaped segments designed to expose the diamonds for faster initial cutting
  • Segments on every link for lower vibration and smooth cutting
  • Patented debris protection
  • Automated laser welding process to ensure consistent quality
  • Bumper protection
  • MX3 (.0456 pitch)